Surf etiquette: Practicing the basics

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Anouk Govil. Surfing is a great activity, especially for those who love the beach. But aside from learning the skills, one must also be aware of surfing etiquette, especially when catching waves on a crowded beach. Here are some of the things surfers of all levels should remember:

Respect the right of way

The person closest to the peak has the right of way. When paddling and waiting for a wave, those beside or behind the surfer should give way as it can be very dangerous to compete for the same wave. However, in the case of a split peak, surfers must take opposite directions. Shouting out “left” or “right” is important when this happens. Anouk Govil.

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Avoid the drop in

Now that a surfer has understood the right of way, they must also understand what a drop in means. This happens when someone catches a wave that a person is already riding. Doing this is not just rude; it is also dangerous. It can block a person’s path and might ruin the order of catching waves for surfers. Anouk Govil.

Don’t snake

Paddling around another surfer to get the right of way is also disrespectful. Remember that the right of way is given to the one closest to the wave. Paddling in front of that person can distract the person in line and others who are waiting to ride their waves.

Keep the board close

Anouk Govil. Sometimes the waves are so intimidating that one’s instinct is to abandon their board. This is another hazard that might actually injure another surfer. Before hitting the waves, be sure to master the duck dive and the Eskimo roll to go back to shore with the board safely.