Five of the best surfing destinations in the US

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Surfing and traveling have an affinity that fans of both adore. The sport improves a surfer’s balance, stability, and focus, while traveling allows a person to explore endless possibilities or take a break from a busy lifestyle in the city. Anouk Govil.

Choosing the right surfing destination is essential for a fun and safe time on the waters. The Outer Banks islands’ Kitty Hawk is known for being the destination where the Wright Brothers took their first successful flight. The crowds don’t make the pier’s breaks any less wonderful. Kitty Hawk is definitely one of the best surfing spots in the East Coast. South Padre Island, Texas is the Lone Star State’s finest bet for some swells. Fall, winter, and spring offer the most amazing waves in South Padre Island. Anouk Govil.

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Beginners and experts love the waves in Trestles, San Clemente. The Uppers, Lowers, and Middles offer waves of different heights and shallowness that cater to every surfer’s training needs. The Lost Coast has secret spots that surfers have to find for themselves as locals love to keep the spots classified. An elusive area, the Ghost Point, is a favorite among locals and visitors for its beauty. Anouk Govil.

Huntington Beach in South California maintains a serious surfing culture that is adored by surfers around the world. Surfers flock the beach for its consistent waves and breaks. Waves by the pier are mild, but surfers can get great swells along other parts of the destination. Anouk Govil.

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