Off season gains: Cross-training exercises for surfers

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Not all surfers are up for winter training sessions. Staying in shape during off-season can be challenging, especially for those who are limited to the surfing. Athletes ought to know a few cross-training exercises to keep their form during downtime, and surfers are no exception. Anouk Govil.

Yoga is a great cross-training workout. It stretches, relaxes, and builds the muscles. Surfing relies heavily on stability—a forte of yoga. Practicing yoga is encouraged among surfers for them to stay in shape and aligned even when out of the water. Skipping is a full workout that builds stability, speed, and strength. It goes beyond strengthening the core as skipping generally is a workout that targets the legs and improves overall coordination. Anouk Govil.

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Hated by many, burpees make for a great workout session. This humble move is a total crusher and works as powerful cardio + strength combo that develops explosive power, balance, and stability. Trail running during winter can feel like a stretch, particularly when one isn’t a runner to begin with. Regardless, this cross-training exercise develops strength and focus necessary for conquering big waves. Plus, the views and the thrill of running off-road offer nearly the same excitement and adrenaline rush felt when surfing. Anouk Govil.

Push-ups are generally part of an athlete’s warm-up. During off-season, be sure to master the exercise. Take the workout to new heights by doing variations. Squats and jump squats build the core, quads, hamstrings, and the butt while training the knees and ankles for potential falls and general impact. Lower body strength and balance are developed through these basic moves. Anouk Govil.

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